Thru the eye of Obscure

These pages document some of the dance party and dj culture in Wellington City, New Zealand as seen thru the eye of Obscure. Alongside the latest news you'll find info on the music, djs, producers and live acts, flyers for parties from the last year or so and hidden gems of forgotten history that live on in the memories of those from the Wellington dance scene.

Before you do anything else, check out the Listings or you might miss out.

Psionic's Sonic Assessment gives you the dirt on local gigs. You can also check out a bunch of flyers and capsule reviews by Psionic of parties from the last year or so.

On the scene techno-bunnie Liebling has been interviewing djs and writing about what has been going on recently.

Read about the Hazards of Hardware, an epic ordeal of noise control at Bassment 45.

Where to go shopping for fine vinyl and other fashion accessories.

The blue juggernaut of Eden holds large-scale raves two or three times a year; the most recent, Eclipse, featured Thomas P. Heckman live in Shed 21 on Wellington's waterfront.

Before long, there will be an Alternative section with info and profiles for the re-emerging band scene in Wellington.

DJ premier Clinton Smiley is compiling a retrospective of the House of Juice, a regular thursday club that started it all for many. This should be ready soon.

These pages were created by Obscure which produces printed, audio and multi-media related to electronic music, including the Source Audio catalog of releases, and in conjunction with Psionic, runs dance events.

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