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Why we love Ben

Tobacco Sponsorship
Controversy and conspiracy on the little screen...

Clash of the Titans

The Dub


Loontoonz techno rundown 10/98

Techno Column 8/98
By Loon Toonz

Techno Column 7/98

Suln 11/98-2
More from Suln

Suln 11/98
Suln is back...

Suln 10/98
don't know who this is from...

Wellington Styles August '98

Simon Flower 11/05/98

Genetic Future
We live in an antibiotic world of clean surfaces and sterilised concepts.

Saturday 6 May 1998

More mail from Sally in Japan

Sally in Japan 08/98
Sally Provan, in Japan, wrote

Point Blank

Number8wire rundown
DDog reflects on the Number8wire gig

Mumu Land

Party on Mt Vic

The Nomad on Tour, Wellington, Thursday 16/4/98, La Luna

Review of 'Modulations' from Sundance Film Festival


Mel Palmer in Auckland
Saunders, Claire, Demian and myself ventured off like lambs to the slaughter to a lovely little town called Marriceville

Mailing Lists
Ali gives a quick nz dance mailing list history

LRS comments on React
Posted on Re:act

LRS comments from React
LRS is outmost, via japan

Kong 11/98
more poetry

Kino 080598
All is well in the land of cherry blossoms. (although they've disappeared and it's getting bloody hot)

Kemistry and Storm - the dynamic duo

Kemi and Storm at Metro

Jet Jaguar cuts loose in London Town

Hillary in London 09/98
Old school pal Hillary Nichol writes to the ex-OM about her life in London

Dirty Dog 09/98
Dirty Dog's writeup for early September

Generation shift?
Electronic culture and dance floors.

Fun Poison Story

Formations review

Easter '98

Decode the Drum Code

Columbus Day
What small dog electronic think about Columbus day

Cognition Chart 14 July 98
compiled 14 July 98 by Andrew Duke

Yo, guy... Yoji Biomechanika was in town...

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